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eMOTION! REPORTS  offers three distinct options for the clear and effective conveyance of your message to purchase intenders; a large "pop-up" initiated through iconic activation; on-site multi-media presentation hosting, and single message page division.  
The unique environment of the web has represented a significant challenge to advertisers seeking to capitalize on its extraordinary potential, and successes have been few and far between.
We offer thoughtful methods of internet marketing optimization that are somewhat atypical, but have great potential in terms of minimizing the "layers" of quasi-pertinent information to which consumers are subjected with an iconic click.  Conversely, we believe that, rather than the 'net requiring wholly new advertising approaches,  it instead offers presentation characteristics supremely integratable with tried and true sales and marketing methodologies.
Our three options allow advertisers to come close to the ideals of advertising in a print or electronic medium.  Like an ad page in a magazine, our large "pop-up" at 550 pixels wide X 800 pixels high, covers a significant area of the screen with the click of an icon.  The message is therefore presented in a direct way with minimal complexity and eliminates multiple message clutter common in the web environment.  A SIX MONTH SITE PRESENCE IS AVAILABLE @$25,000 PER ADVERTISING PERIOD.
The on site hosting of multi-media presentations so crucial and potentially effective in presenting product data, is yet another means by which ER embraces simplicity.  There is no limit to file size, whether 3 minutes or 10 minutes in actual run time,  and we can accommodate multiple versions of MMPs optimized for different connection speeds, from 56kbps to 128kbps or higher. Windows Media Player is utilized as the presentation medium; again simplifying the message conveyance process. 
The beauty of our on-site MMP hosting is significant reduction in product marketing message access time delay, as would occur if the consumer were linked to your site.  Ultimately, of course, advertiser site linkage is available, but optional.  We believe it important to present advertising in a third party and presumably more objective, arena.  The consumer is empowered in terms of how they choose to assimilate and act upon marketing data on the net, with the potential for enhanced effectiveness being the end result.  A SIX MONTH SITE PRESENCE IS AVAILABLE @$45,000  PER ADVERTISING PERIOD.
The third and final option is the single message page division that can be highly impactful in and of itself, and even more so when linked with either or both of the other options.  At 1200 pixels high X 200 pixels wide with animation allowable and file size negotiable,  it qualifies as a potentially effective advertising tool.  A SIX MONTH SITE PRESENCE IS AVAILABLE @$20,000 PER ADVERTISING PERIOD.
As a means of encouraging your participation with us soonest, we are offering to foundation advertisers the ultimate internet brand building module: All three options @$70,000 PER SIX MONTH ADVERTISING PERIOD.    Used in this way, the linked option arrangement allows significant brand message synergism, and is expected to go a long way in addressing concerns regarding message continuity. Further combined with consumer optional linkage to your site, the  module conveys strong potentiality in the return to the roots of advertising: Repetition of brand enhancing data .
As you have by now noticed, ER is indeed atypical in its advertising approach in that, unlike most other sites, we don't drive traffic to your site as a primary function.  Instead, we present the product message as quickly and definitively as possible.  Moreover, we target decision makers and influencers through in-depth, analytical content and direct linkage.  We seek not the great masses of web visitors in the quest for multitudinous hits, but rather perpetuate our core competency of reaching those with the highest potential of product acquisition -- which is of course, the bottom line.
We are also aware that the above options may not necessarily address the advertising needs of all clientele.  As a result, we will work with you to develop ad strategies appropriate to specific requirements.  Questions?  Contact us at either 248-695-0009, or complete the following Form:

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We look forward to working with you.
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