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January 2014/February 2014

Global HeavyLift Holdings Announces Strategy That May Allow for C-17 -Based Heavy and Outsized (HOM) and Short Austere (SAM) Market Operations in as Early as 120 Days; Invites Submission of RFP's For Let Projects in North America and Abroad 
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, St. Augustine, FL, USA; 30 January 2014 - Global HeavyLift Holdings, Inc., a Delaware based Corporation formed in 2002 in partnership with Boeing and the US Air Force to create the architecture for infrastructure - a blueprint, if you will - of a new globe spanning, US/NATO controlled and self-sustained subset of the existing air cargo industry, today announced it expects to launch C-17 heavylift operations within 120 days.

"If all goes well, heavylift air ops, both within the US and abroad utilizing the world's best strategic/tactical airlifter, Boeing C-17, can begin", said GHH Managing Director Myron D. Stokes.

"As regards the heavy and outsized market being under the control of Russian/Ukrainian Antonov An-124 Ruslans within Alexey Isaikin's Volga-Dnepr air fleet, we have never seen that as a problematic rivalry. In fact, we owe them a debt of gratitude for proving the viability of this market subset. As such, we will honor our commitment, conveyed to Vladimir Putin in a 2007 Kremlin meeting, to craft a symbiotic project fulfillment relationship made possible by conjoining the unique operational characteristics of C-17 and An-124", he said.

"In fact, we made recommendations to the US DoD via then Secretary of The Air Force (SECAF) Dr. James Roche and AF officers assigned to the heavylift project, originally designated the Commercial Application of Military Airlift Aircraft (CAMAA) that immediate steps be taken to replace the Russian/Ukrainian aerospace loss of braintrust after senior design, engineering, manufacturing and marketing executives of Antonov and Sukhoi based at Antonov's Ulyanovsk, Ukraine, An-124 production facilities, were killed in the crash of an Iran-140 (variant of An-140) turboprop near Ishfahan, Iran in December 2002," Stokes said. (note: The recent RAND analysis "Commercial Intratheater Airlift" or CITA, has relevance to the CAMAA initiative.)
Stokes also noted that this market is truly self-contained. "The HOM/SAM air cargo industry subset, when one combines the value of let or identified projects studied and unstudied, exceeds USD 1Trillion. Our 30 year business plan, structured by some of the most prominent investment banks in the world, exploits this opportunity.

"Items such as oil rigs, D8-Class bull dozers, helicopters, rocket and aircraft fuselages and power generation equipment, are easily carried by C-17.

"Its extraordinary capacity to handle such items from point of manufacture to point of utilization with up to 87ton load and short field capabilities, demonstrates, according to 9 of 11 case studies conducted on actual projects over the years via a collaborative effort between the USAir Force, Boeing, GHH and companies such as Exxon-Mobil, Conoco-Philips, Caterpillar, Dupont, Haliburton, The Sultanate of Oman LNG facility, Black & Veach and Freeport-McMoRan, a significant reduction in projected transportation costs, time to market and later project implementation due to an enhancement of supply chain efficiencies," he said.
Other projects targeted include the Diavik Diamond Mines in the Northwest Territories of Canada and a Utah Based mega-project with an extremely compressed build timeframe.

Stokes further advised that Global HeavyLift is inviting the above corporations, among others, to submit RFP's for C-17-based let project supply chain enhancement leading to conditional contracts, then multi-year contracts once operations begin.

"Our US operational epicenter will be located in one of the southern states recently selected. Administrative offices will be in Chicago, IL. RFPs can be immediately submitted via our non-profit arm, The Dr. Rufus Stokes Foundation, 87 Dolphin Drive, St. Augustine, FL 32080. Attn: Gregory Jones/Myron D. Stokes. Via email (pdf): globalheavyliftholdings@ymail.com ; Ph. for direct access globally 626-616-1655.

"It has been 12 years since the initiation of this project, one reflective of the continuous and sometimes extreme efforts amongst our colleagues and friends within government and industry. Prominent among them are national security strategist Dr. Sheila Ronis; all to whom we are deeply appreciative.

"We look forward to changing the face of global transportation", he said.
 Archives 2007 - SpeedNews Aerospace & Defense Conf.:A US Controlled HeavyLift Industry slideshare.net    A presentation by Global HeavyLift Managing Member Myron D. Stokes at the Jonathan Club, Los Angeles, in May 2007 outlining a comprehensive and long-term...


Analyses in Queue:  eMOTION!REPORTS.com Publisher Calls For Re-establishment of Dewar Trophy in Accordance with 1907 Royal Automobile Club International Rulesets Modified for Existing Manufacturing Processes; Urges the World's Auto Industry, Inclusive of Cadillac, Lincoln, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Aston-Martin, Chrysler/FIAT, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Ferrari, Maserati, Lexus, Infiniti, et al, to Take up The Challenge of a Real Test of Who is Best...

London, United Kingdom, 22 December, 2012 - Nearly 7 years before a stunned planet watched itself descend into an unthinkable state of affairs -world war- that not even the
the world's intellectual elite, noted historians among them, ever saw coming, a group of men toiled in February 1908 to bring three 1907 Cadillac Model K sedans to the Brooklands
Race Track at Weybridge, as instructed by officials of the renowned Royal Automobile Club, for the initiation of arguably the most rigorous tests of vehicular reliability and consistency of construct yet contrived. The intent being to set a new standard for the world within the confines of these evaluatory parameters.

At the turn of the 20th century, the fledgling automotive landscape was a teeming milieu of various nameplates, all seeking to make, and leave, their mark on an industry that most had the vision and foresight to know would be pivotal to the success of the emergent second industrial revolution.  A revolution, mind you, that would shape world commerce as we now know it.

Whether those men charged with the transport, dis-assemblage, re-assemblage and operation of the Cadillacs during their RAC trials were truly aware of the historic
implications of their activities is not known, but one must assume at least a modicum of such on the part of most
involved. Perhaps, not quite that of Sir Thomas R. Dewar, scion of the Dewar Whisky fortune and an effective parliamentarian, who decided it was critical to the success of the automobile industry and its multitude of players, to separate the true innovators from the pretenders.

This was the mindset of Sir Dewar when he placed in the care and keeping of RAC leadership in 1904 an ornate trophy with specific instructions that it be presented "to the motor car which should successfully complete the most meritorious performance or test furthering the interests and advancement of the [automobile] industry..."

To be continued 2 January 2013...

Cadillac: A New Standard For The World

Dodge Challenger R/T At L'Auberge de Sedona: A Blending of Technological and Culinary Excellence

Sedona, AZ, 15 December, 2012 - Ten years ago, as Reuters photographer John Hillery and myself rounded a curve on Service Route 89 in a pre-production and completely revamped 2002 Ford Explorer, we came face to face with at least a 2 ton boulder blocking the roadway. There was no place to go; going around on the left would have placed us perilously close to the road edge and an estimated 1,000ft. drop. Going to the right was out of the question.

The only choice was to stop, hopefully, in time.

We had several things working to our advantage: 1. Anti-lock braking (ABS) 2. New for Explorer anti-dive geometry 3. Lighter weight. 4. Driving skills presumed adequate.  Thankfully, all these aspects combined to stop us just a hairsbreadth from this massive boulder which would have made short work of our vehicle - and perhaps us - had we impacted it.

Fast forward to 15 December, 2012, as I found myself again headed to Sedona, this time for lunch at the renowned and highly recommended by my driving companion, L'Auberge de Sedona Resort and its Restaurant on Oak Creek.

Set in a stunningly beautiful locale among the Red Rocks - a weighted statement considering that Sedona is one of the most glorious places on earth - much is offered in the way of placing maximum distance between guests and the cares, pressures, stresses and concerns of what is commonly called life.

Like my companion, I am a Frank Lloyd Wright aficionado, and we were both struck by the similarities of L'Auberge landscaping, utilization of natural resources and building placement to Wright's approach of melding human conceptualized architecture with the organic. Moreover, it called to mind his words in describing this machine age architect's masterpiece of residences, Fallingwater: "Fallingwater is a great blessing -- one of the great blessings to be experienced here on earth, I think nothing yet ever so equaled the coordination, sympathetic expression of the great principle of repose where forest and stream and rock and all the elements of structure are combined so quietly that really you listen not to any noise whatsoever although the music of the stream is there.

But you listen to Fallingwater the way you listen to the quiet of the country..."

Our mission in this instance was two fold:  Evaluation of the 2013 Dodge Challenger R/T, and the cuisine of L'Auberge Restaurant on Oak Creek (In another life, I was a restaurant critic) which my companion had assured me was a cut above.

But in a circumstance eerily similar to the boulder encounter of a decade previous, we found ourselves and I-17 under relentless climatological assault through heavy rain, intermittent snow, and an interstate section badly in need of repair. In an instant, we were immersed in a wall of water thrown up by a vehicle to the left of us, following its encounter with a pool of accumulated rain water at 65 mph.

Two things, maybe three, were at work for us; 1. Years of training through the Bob Bondurant and Skip Barber Racing Schools, and 2. A vehicle whose superior balance and road adhesion characteristics -thanks to an excellent blending of power, suspension and tire technologies by Dodge engineers - was conducive to a flawless performance within an impending road emergency...

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MEDIA ADVISORY: Veteran Automotive/Aerospace Journalist/Analyst, ZINTRO Expert Myron D. Stokes Available For Interviews During 2012/2013 Los Angeles, Detroit and New York International Auto Shows


Summary of The Importance of the Higgs-Boson Research Results by CERN Scientists and Why the Problem is Much Harder to Fully Master Than What People Think; i.e., Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking For a Particle Lasting 10 to the Minus Six Power Seconds, or Less


BOAC, Now British Airways, Crews Cheer Arrival
of DeHavilland Comet, World's First Operational Jetliner  Image: BOAC

Chicago - 17 June, 2012 - In the interests of professional full disclosure, I completely disagreed with Boeing's decision to drop development of the Sonic Cruiser - an aircraft with the potential to completely reshape the commercial  air travel landscape in a way not seen since the debut of the
jet-powered DeHavilland Comet, Boeing 707 and supersonic Concorde (I had the profound privilege of being aboard Concorde 4 times) in favor of the aesthetically boring -save
for the exquisite interior- though technologically advanced Dreamliner. An analysis in queue, but never coted owing to national security related events which commanded
our full attention, was entitled "Boeing Chooses Mediocrity Over Greatness".  Indeed, a wonderful opportunity was missed to give the flying public a large glimpse of the future in aircraft design, and one that would have had people flocking to airports just to see it...
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eMOTION!REPORTS.com Aerospace Analysis Part One: Boeing's 787 Dreamliner - Composite to Metal Conjoining Issues Not Seen as Resolved Long Term


Chrysler's "Imported From Detroit" Ad  Image: Chrysler

Detroit - “Publisher’s note: One wonders aloud why it took an Italian acquisition to allow this country to see what most of the world already knew: The historical center of the automotive universe is America and more specifically, Detroit.

“Legions of PR, marketing and advertising people have come and gone over the last 37 years, and save for a creative and innovative few, have failed to tap into the rich performance and styling history that exemplified Chrysler Corp… Dodge Division in particular…

“…Auto enthusiasts everywhere, and most certainly the City of Detroit, owe FIAT leadership (The firm just announced it is increg its stake to 16% of Chrysler for 1.5bil) a debt of gratitude for the fabulous image boost emergent amidst decades of societal derision. Moreover, my family is especially proud of the “Imported From Detroit” Super Bowl commercial featuring the pounding fist statue of master pugilista Joe Louis “The Brown Bomber” Barrow: The Stokes’(Pulliam) and Barrows of Camp Hill, Alabama, married into each other’s families decades ago…” (from post http://t.co/58kTZy8)

Chrysler's "Imported From Detroit" Ad (Print version) Image: Chrysler


 In line with previous awards such as our naming Ford F-150 as “Truck of The Decade” at the 2004 Chicago Auto Show and our placement on ER nearly a decade ago of a reproducible copy of what is considered some of the greatest advertising prose of all time: “The Penalty of Leadership” by Theodore MacManus, these accolades are not given easily or without substantive data to render them viable.

A formal notification is being forwarded to Chrysler officials.

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Richard Holbrooke's World: Memories of a Newsweek Special Correspondent

Detroit -  I did not know Richard Holbrooke, but I'm nevertheless convinced that eventually I would have, given the fact of similar, though separate, spheres of activity. And although I didn't realize it until years later, we both made the decision to not accompany then Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown on the trade mission flight to Croatia that resulted in his and the deaths of 34 others. 

Out of a sense of psychological self-preservation, I had confined these and other events of 15 years ago to the "dark places" of my mind, despite the fact this circumstance alone counts as pivotal to everything that has happened in my career since.

Permit me to explain.

During the Balkans War of 1992-95 which primarily involved Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia following the break-up of Yugoslavia, I was, thanks to former Detroit Bureau Chief Frank Washington, Chief of Correspondents Ann McDaniel and Editor Maynard Parker, a special correspondent for Newsweek, Newsweek Japan and Newsweek International covering the industrial (automotive, aerospace), financial, medical and technological sectors along with investigative duties. The latter including the Oklahoma City bombing cover story element "Three Strange Friends" within which I interviewed James Nichols on his farm in Decker, Michigan; "One Family's Nightmare", the murder of the Freeman family in Pennsylvania by their neo-Nazi sons; the GM board revolt analysis "Another Pink Slip?" that predicted to the day when former Chairman Bob Stempel would step down; a measured defense of Edsel Ford II in "A Young Ford at The Wheel" and "The Shame of the City", covering the death of Deletha Word after jumping off the Belle Isle bridge in Detroit to escape her attackers. "Just as Safe at Any Speed" written with the Washington Bureaus Evan Thomas, helped to reverse the extremely negative reporting surrounding GMs C/K pickup truck controversy.

Additionally, I contributed to an extensive analysis of the nations blood supply "In Search of Safer Blood" (Geoffrey Cowley, Sharon Begley, et al,) and a 6 month investigation, in collaboration with Melinda Beck, leading to a cover story on the safety of Americas airlines "How Safe is This Flight?" I also had the privilege of being the only reporter to conduct an extensive interview with Rodney King at the height of the LA Riots of 1992 (my brother Doug and I drove out during curfew) while sitting on the hood of Kings "magical" Hyundai Excel that managed to outrun, police claimed, a CHP 5.0L Mustang...

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Francais sommaire

Press Release

Entering its 23rd Year: The Detroit 2011 North American International Auto Show


787 Dreamliner                                                    Image: Boeing
Boeing Calls WTO Ruling a Landmark Decision and Sweeping Legal Victory
- Launch aid for every Airbus program deemed illegal and damaging
- 'Prohibited' A380 launch aid must be withdrawn 'without delay'
- Legal principle set: airplane programs must be funded on commercial terms
- Government funding of Airbus infrastructure and R&D programs also ruled illegal
- More information, including excerpts from the decisig> www.boeing.com/wto

CHICAGO, June 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Boeing (NYSE: BA) today praised the World Trade Organization's final ruling that billions of dollars in European launch aid subsidies used by Airbus to develop its commercial airplanes are illegal and must end. The decision, which the WTO made public earlier today, also declares that a broad array of government funding for Airbus research and infrastructure development violated international trade agreements.

More information, including excerpts from the decision, is available at www.boeing.com/wto

2010 Ford Taurus SHO: An Earth-bound F-22 Raptor

2010 Ford Taurus SHO at The Gates of March Air Force Reserve Base, Riverside, California: A Twin-Turbocharged,
Direct Injected, All-Wheel-Drive Result of an Automotive/Aerospace Engineering Mind-meld... Reportedly, a 400hp Version on Way    Image: ER
Comprehensive Analysis pdf


  Concept Corvette Stingray   Image: GM

   GM Reborn: Retention of Opel Creates Pathway Towards Reconstitution as World's Number One Automaker

Detroit -- Sources close to GM are saying that the very specific strategy aimed at retaining Opel European operations within the fold --  and tens of thousands of positions --  was crafted by officials amongst several governments who understood it was far better to deal with a known -- GM -- rather than the "unknowns" represented by RHJ International (Brussels) Magna/Sberbank (Austria,Canada,Russia) and Beijing Auto (China).

The extreme detriment to the UK economy in the aftermath of China's acquisiton of MG-Rover in 2005 is said to have weighed heavily in the decision making process.

The U.S. and Germany, according to these sources, were not among the crafters...

2009/2010 Auto Industry Analysis: GM's Transition to China


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Detroit -Tata Technologies (www.tatatechnologies.com) announced today that it will display the world’s lowest-price passenger car, the Tata Nano, for the first time in North America in Detroit on January 14.  Tata Technologies, with regional headquarters in Novi, Michigan, played a key role in engineering the Nano, which is produced by Tata Motors in India.  It will show the car to highlight its end-to-end vehicle engineering and design capabilities to its auto industry customers and guests at its “Better Innovation” event at the Detroit Science Center.


The Tata Nano was introduced at the Delhi Auto Show in January, 2009 and retails for about $2,500 in India. The model on display in Detroit is owned by Tata Technologies and is on loan from its Center for Advanced Engineering and Design in Pune, India.


Congratulations To Boeing on Dreamliner First Flight




"Benevolent Trading Partner" No More --  United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission 2009 Report to Congress: Industrial and Military Espionage Activities In US Reveal With Clarity China's True and Dangerous Intentions

Washington, D.C. -- The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC.gov) certainly no shrinking violet in terms of carrying out its mission to monitor China's WTO compliance -- or its lack thereof -- has taken off the gloves, as it were, to reveal depleted uranium knuckles... Yes, its 2009 Report to Congress is just that scathing.

Among its findings:

·         China’s increasingly aggressive espionage efforts to obtain U.S. secrets and technology for the benefit of China’s military and its economy.

·         China’s stepped-up cyber espionage and cyber warfare capabilities that constitute a growing threat to U.S. computer networks.

·         China’s extensive use of foreign propaganda and China’s efforts to influence public opinion and policymaking in the United States.

·          China’s detailed industrial policy designed to attract foreign investment and production and to create “national champions” to compete on a global scale.

·         China’s use of subsidies and other trade-distorting measures in violation of its international commitments.

·         China’s role in the creation of the economic imbalances that that helped produce the global financial crisis.

·         The expansion and modernization of the Chinese navy and its effects on U.S. access to the waters around China and Taiwan and the likelihood of a maritime arms race.

·         The use of new and more sophisticated methods by Chinese authorities to control the Chinese news media and the Internet.

·         China’s activities in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Central Asia.

·         Mainland China’s increasing influence in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

·         The effect of China’s policies on the economy of the upstate New York region.

  Go to full report pdf

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Aerial Refueling of C-17    Image: USAF

Press Release: Global HeavyLift States Boeing C-17 Globemaster III Production Must be Maintained; Will Seek FAA Exemption for BC-17 Commercial Variant Separate From Boeing

Continues Pursuit of USD18.4B Capital Raise To Implement US/NATO-Controlled Heavy and Outsized Air Cargo Industry Based on Well-proven Tactical/Strategic Airlifter ; Firm Also Reveals China Theft of Aegis BMD System Representing the Core of U.S. Naval Offensive/Defensive Capabilities, and Possibly F-22 Raptor Technology

Chicago -- Following previous releases in February 2006 and March 2007, Global Heavylift Holdings, LLC, a Florida incorporated and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) listed (www.ccr.gov) entity with principal offices in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, will continue its pursuit of an USD18.4B capital raise to implement a US/NATO-controlled Heavy and Outsized (H&O) air cargo industry utilizing new and used modestly modified variants of C-17 for commercial missions, while still meeting USAF operational standards as part of Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) organic airlift augmentation.

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5/31/09 Release

6/25/09 Release

8/28/09 Release

Department of Commerce: National Security Assessment of the C-17 Globemaster Cargo Aircraft's Economic and Industrial Base Impacts

Preserving The Past for The Future: GM Celebrates A Century of Existence

Publisher's Note:
In spite of election year political gyrations causing the world to hold its collective breath, open season on US corporations by predatory offshore entities owing to lax if not non-existent trade regulations, and an economy on the cusp of disintegration, GM stands poised to celebrate another hundred years.
The staff of eMOTION! REPORTS takes a long look at the history of the General.  And, we also invite you to again review "Super-Globalism: Strategies for Maintaining a Robust Industrial Base Through Technological, Policy and Process Improvement" originally presented in 2003 by ER as a wake-up shout on the need to preserve the U.S. industrial base.
Full Analysis pdf (forthcoming)
GM Press Release
PDF of Super-Globalism

Dr. Ronis

Dr. Sheila Ronis Named as one of Crain's Detroit Business "Women To Watch"

We'd like to take a moment to congratulate our resident national security expert, Dr. Sheila Ronis, on being named as one of Crain's Detroit Business "Women To Watch" in 2008.
An excerpt: "Sheila Ronis has been dividing her time for months between heading a program for graduate students at Troy-based Walsh College and trying to make a safer nation for her students to live and work.

"Ronis, 58, director of MBA and MSSL programs at Walsh, has been commuting between Southeast Michigan and Washington to serve as chairwoman of the Vision Working Group for the Project on National Security Reform.

"The group is one of 10 addressing ways to update the National Security Act of 1947 to address 21st century global security concerns.

"Ronis, a sometime consultant for the U.S. Department of Defense, was recruited in late 2006 based on her background in organizational behavior and strategic and systems thinking. She is the only person outside Washington to participate.

'Organizations all fundamentally operate the same way in a social structure sense,” she said. "Even if they’re each unique in form or purposes, and can have complex structure like the military’s structure, they are still subject to the same principles of social science.'"
A link to the entire story follows:


From The eMOTION! REPORTS Archives:

Industry Edge: Reflections on The Wall Street Crisis (image: AP)

In light of the profoundly dangerous state of affairs among Wall Street entities representing the very foundations of US financial markets, we thought we would look into our 2002 archives to determine if analyses postulated at that time could withstand the scrutiny of hindsight 6 years hence... comments, anyone?

On Enron...

A MARKET IN CRISIS... GREENSPAN STEP DOWN?...7000 DOW? Distinct Possibilities...

Restoration of GM Viability: A European Solution of Einsteinian Simplicity?

EDT                     Wednesday, 2 July 2008, 838pm
UTC(or GMT/Zulu) Thursday,   3 July 2008,  00:39:49
Detroit --- Sources close to GM and GM Europe ( http://www.gm.com/europe/) are advising the company is either close to, or examining closely, bringing in several high-mileage European models such as a LHD version of the all new Vauxhall Agila with a range of engines inclusive of diesel (1.3L CDTi Twin Cam Ecotec), to bolster its U.S. dealer line-up technologically and reputationally.
According to a source speaking on condition of anonymity, GM's primary problem is not that it doesn't have high mileage vehicles -- it has a range of product exceeding 30 mpg -- or styling (look no further than Buick Enclave, Corvette, Chevy Malibu and the entire Saturn line-up) it is perception.
"In my view," the source says, "this perception is fueled by Wall Street analysts and too many industry pundits who should know better, stating that GM needs to build vehicles Americans will buy, and that the U.S. auto industry is playing catch-up technologically.  These statements are beyond inaccurate.
"The fact is, the world's auto industry, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Renault, VW, Citroen, among others, owes a heavy debt of gratitude, even their very existence, to the design, engineering, manufacturing and financial visionaries behind the traditional Big Three; GM, Ford and Chrysler, and of course, Karl Benz.
"In terms of bringing in European products to these shores within the next 120 days, I perceive no unsolvable issues or difficulties, neither from an emissions, safety, Union, availability or tooling ownership standpoint; the latter applying if production here is deemed necessary based on a strong market response.  Moreover, it addresses a range of concerns related to GM's continued viability in areas of product, profitability and leadership.
"If Wall Street responds negatively to this apparently wise move by GM (Toyota and Honda routinely utilize this strategy of bringing in additional product, Scion and Yaris being examples, as changing market conditions reflected in consumer trends demand) then I and other colleagues within industry and government will know that the continued downgrading of the company's value  (the drop from last October, and a decline of 47% from the start of this year to a recent record low of $11.43 (updated: closed 7/2/08 at 9.98; the lowest since 1954) being inexplicable and inexcusable)  and overall negative market sustainability assessments by financial market integral firms like Goldman-Sachs and Fitch, is deliberate and designed to set the stage for yet another takeover attempt by parties onshore and offshore."

Go to full advisory PDF
Media Advisory 2 July (Francais)
Go to Press Release 9 July

Publisher's note:  ER is preparing right now an expanded assessment of GM's developing architecture for what we perceive as an excellent -- and quite timely -- strategy that will not only allow GM to remain in the game, but to control it.   Myron D.Stokes


The (GM) Empire Strikes Back: 2008 Chevrolet Malibu

Go to entire analysis (pdf)

Editor's note:  eMOTION! REPORTS.com editors are convinced that Malibu will enable GM to create a significant sales buffer for the world's number one automaker, and thus preclude the possibility of Toyota claiming a position of ascendancy either globally or in the all important US market.  And yes, we said all important US market. Industry observers should be aware that the presumed growth of the Chinese market will not meet glowing expectations for vehicle consumption... China's directive is to create an export oriented economy that will eclipse that of Japan.

Press Release: November 15, 2007

U.S. -- China Commission Cites Some Progress Yet Some Troubling Trends For U.S. Economic and National Security Interests; Year-Long Study Offers 42 Recommendations In Report to Congress

Full Report Available at: www.uscc.gov



"It is not a matter of if this country fights China, but when..."  -- Internal U.S. Department of Defense analysis

WASHINGTON, DC (November 15, 2007) –  China has adopted policies to reverse its progress toward a more market-based economy, opting instead to increase government intervention in the economy, according to the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission. “Free and fair trade depends on a market approach to international commerce, rather than a contest among governments and their closely owned and subsidized industries,” said Carolyn Bartholomew, chairman of the Commission as she officially released the group’s 2007 annual report to Congress on Thursday.

The Commission, a bipartisan group established by Congress to analyze the economic and national security relationship of the two nations,  made 42 recommendations to Congress for further action. The book-length report was unanimously approved by the 12 Commissioners, appointed by each party’s leadership. The Commission held seven hearings; travelled to China, Taiwan, and India; commissioned original research; and consulted with economic, intellegence, and military agencies to reach its conclusions.

The report acknowledges that China’s adherence to non-proliferation agreements has improved considerably over the past several years. Yet China has also continued to build up its military capacity and sophistication with the intent of challenging the U.S.,  said  Commission Vice Chairman Daniel Blumenthal. Blumenthal also expressed concern at  “…China’s willingness to invest in and sell weapons to Iran and Sudan, both countries with abysmal human rights records.”

The report is critical of China’s application of what the report terms “one of the most effective information control regimes in the world.”  The report also criticizes China’s increased use of espionage as a means to develop new military and industrial technology. Among the recommendations, the Commission suggests that Congress pass a law to treat Chinese currency manipulation as an illegal export subsidy, and that it require the Pentagon to better track the orgin of the components of the military equipment that it purchases. The Commission also suggests that the U.S. government  seek greater cooperation with China in a dialogue on global climate change and other environmental issues.

The report  raises alarms about the the erosion of the U.S. defense industrial base, and the build-up of $1.4 trillion in foreign currency reserves by China as a result of its massive trade surpluses.  The report and its key findings, analysis, and recommendations to Congress will be made available on the Commission’s Web Site,  www.uscc.gov.

Boeing Making Progress on 787 Dreamliner First Flight; Production Line Full

Publisher's Note: Although the first flight has been delayed, ER will continue to follow and advise new dates

The Boeing production line is

EVERETT, Wash., Dec. 11, 2007 -- The Boeing [NYSE: BA] production line is full for the all-new 787 Dreamliner, as work continues on the first flight-test airplane and two airplanes to be used for static and fatigue testing. This photo shows Airplane #1 in the third position, where final structure and systems installations are completed. Behind it, the static-test airplane is in the second position, where it will receive landing gear, engines, and any required interior installations. The fatigue airplane entered final body join Nov. 30.

New Feature: Executive Summary

2008 Cadillac STS
Image: GM


A bi-weekly  in-depth technical analysis of worthy automobiles; November/December  summary is Cadillac STS 3.6L Direct Injected V-6 http://www.cadillac.com/cadillacjsp/model/gallery.jsp?model=sts&year=2008 

Go to the Full PDF

Publisher's note: 2008 Cadillac CTS repeats 2003/2004 nomination as eMOTION! REPORTS.com Car of The Year; Audi R8 Included In Special Performance Vehicle Category     http://www.emotionreports.com/SUV_Award/suv_award.html

The Penalty of Leadership: A Plaque download of what is considered some of the best automotive advertising prose of all time, and appearing as a one page Cadillac ad for one day in the January 2, 1915 Saturday Evening Post  in response to Packard Automobile assertions   http://www.emotionreports.com/SUV_Award/penalty_of_leadership.htm


Special Report:

The China Syndrome 2007: Economic and Military Build-up a Cause For Caution and Concern

Go to the Full PDF

Book Review: Timelines Into The Future: Strategic Visioning Methods for Government, Business, and Other Organizations, Dr. Sheila Ronis

Aerospace Analysis: First Flight of Boeing 787 Dreamliner This Month

Automotive Industry Analysis:
The Chrysler Acquisition:
A Matter of Control



Ford Introduces Kuga Crossover
PDF              Image


Volkswagen Eos: Rewriting The Book on Convertibles

Image-1   Image-2

DaimlerChrysler Archives
February 2001: Der Sturm
(The Perfect Storm)
Chrysler: Crafting A Reprieve


Detroit -- The current travails of Chrysler Group have all but rendered it a candidate for acquisition – a conclusion rendered viable from at least two points of fact:  DaimlerChrysler Chairman Dr. Dieter Zetsche’s public statements of late that all options are on the table, and ongoing deliberations reportedly transpiring at this moment between GM and DCX officials.

Our own sources have not dispelled the notion that the latter statement is true.

In light of this current state of affairs, we invite you to consider analyses presented in February of 2001; Der Sturm (The Perfect Storm) and Chrysler: Crafting a Reprieve. Analyses just as relevant and accurate now as they were then.

The repatriation of this American icon Chrysler, should be pursued by either Ford or GM with all due speed: It is an opportunity that would bring benefits to all concerned, in addition to playing its own role – as noted in “Crafting a Reprieve” – in mitigating erosion of the US industrial base.  The foregoing is true for the simple reason that ownership of Chrysler by a US entity renders it far less likely that manufacturing positions would be sent offshore, and even if they are, the money still flows back here.

Dr. Zetsche is one of the few automotive executives who understands how critical it is to maintain a country’s industrial base; even one not his own.  Which is why we applaud his courage in potentially turning a financial difficulty for Daimler into a opportunity to right a perceived, if not quite real, wrong:  The theft of Chrysler through the machinations of Juergen Schrempp and the short sightedness of an otherwise capable Bob Eaton.

Lastly, you’ll note that we mentioned Ford Motor Company as a possible White Knight in the re-acquisition of Chrysler. 

This is not said tongue in cheek.  Rather, it simply acknowledges that despite its current difficulties, the company will emerge viable.  Moreover, it would reprise its role of 12 years ago during the tenure of Sir Alex Trotman when, unbeknownst to all but a critical few, Ford, at his direction,  acted as a potential suitor to prevent Kirk Kerkorian’s hostile taking of Chrysler.

Alan Mulally would do well to consider the benefits of a Chrysler rescue, benefits that would be identifiable at several levels.

We do indeed live in a global environment, but succeeding in this arena demands maintaining the strength and solidity of the home base.  In this vein, America’s biggest orphan at the moment, Chrysler Group, needs the nurturing atmosphere of a new home and new caring parents…



Special Edition For University of Michigan
/Center For Automotive Research
41st Annual Management Briefing Seminars,
Traverse City, Michigan August 7-11, 2006

Update, August 6, 2006 (July 3, 2006, May 5, 2005, analyses)

Kerkorian and Renault-Nissan Overtures to GM Have Overtones of Hostile Takeover; Success Would Represent Clear Threat to Industrio-Economic Stability and Therefore National Security;   Potential Emergence of New Global Automotive Industry Architecture


 “There are those within industry and government who… may recommend a full range of responses. These would include a nationalization of Ford…”


GM's emergent show of strength, both financially and from a leadership standpoint, is causing the Ghosn/Kerkorian camp to shift attention away from GM and back to Ford.

According to our internal sources, "Ford's precipitous fall, against GM's (media driven) "rise toward recovery," will lead an attention shift toward Dearborn... especially if the markets artificially pump GM enough for some profit taking. Renault-Nissan management is finding it increasingly hard to make the case for GM, in light of the increasingly ripe Ford, especially Ford of Europe."


 A serious strategy has emerged to overcome the power of the Ford family's Class B Shares, making the potential for outright capture all the more real.  Astoundingly, Daimler-Chrysler and Deutsche Bank are inevitably part of the Ghosn strategy for the Ford acquisition. The involvement of these two entities should be expected, however, for the simple reason this "organizational fusion" begins with Ford of Europe. And Europe is their home and backyard...


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28 April, 2006
U.S. Business and Industry Council:
An Organization Worth Joining

State of GM, Ford and Suppliers Confirms
Economic War A Palpable, Pervasive, Reality

Publisher's note:

The US Auto Industry is out of time, and as we recently said to industry colleagues, the window for discussion of strategies to stay or mitigate the threat to the industrial base has been closed.  Only the implementation of actionable plans remains; some of which are suggested by Dr. Ronis and her associates at the USBIC and those that will soon be before Congress subsequent to several month’s long investigation of the erosion of the manufacturing base.  We also acknowledge the impending visit by the principals of GM, Ford and Chrysler with the President.

In order to ensure the best outcome of those proposed interactions, the right questions -- even demands -- must be presented.  And frankly, we have no confidence that most of the people employed and deployed by GM and Ford -- again, Chrysler is NOT an American car company --  on Capitol Hill understand or appreciate the reality of economic war being waged; an understanding quite necessary to craft the appropriate query.  Moreover, the strategies and tactics utilized are designed not to render the offshores just hyper-competitive against the core components of the country's base, but to eliminate them.

Cold, sad, true...

In this analysis and advisory, a very necessary position is articulated and needs very little expansion as the following excerpt demonstrates:

"The automotive industry crisis is revealing with a vengeance the dilemma faced by companies that wish to manufacture in America and keep the nation's industrial base strong. On the one hand, private business and market forces still make the U.S. economy go, and so companies need to work overtime improving their competitiveness.

"On the other hand, policy decisions made in Washington and foreign capitals--to open or to ignore certain foreign markets, to combat or to tolerate foreign subsidies or dumping, to favor some sectors of the economy but not others in trade negotiations--can make or break not only individual companies but entire industries. 

"Multinational companies have long recognized the policy challenge, and have employed legions of lobbyists to influence national decision-makers. Yet too often, their foreign trade and investment agendas have harmed domestic companies, by ignoring import competition that is often predatory, and by actually encouraging the "offshoring" of whole industries and their supply chains. And too few domestic business leaders have had the time or resources to play the increasingly vital Washington game."

We would say to our friends and associates in industry and government that believe we are NOT in an economic war, merely a shifting of competitive positions,  your stance is not sustainable, justified or verifiable. 

This analysis brings that point painfully home...

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Aviation Milestone:  Boeing 777-200LR Sets New World Distance Record; Hong Kong to London

Boeing [NYSE: BA] has reached another aviation milestone with the successful completion of a record-breaking distance attempt utilizing the 777-200LR (Longer Range) passenger jet.  The Hong Kong to London flight initiated on 9 November and completed on the 10th, covered 11,664 (21,601 km) nautical miles and was accomplished in 22-hours, 42-minutes.  It's one for the record books: That distance eclipses the previous record set in 1989 by a 747-400 of 9,200 (17,039 km) nautical set between London and Sydney, and more recently in 1997, set by a 777-200ER (Extended Range) flying 10,823 nautical miles (20,044 km) from Seattle to Kuala Lumpur. 


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Click to read the eMOTION! REPORTS.com
congratulatory announcement




eMOTION! REPORTS.com Names Lincoln Zephyr/MKZ 2006 Car of The Year


"Once again, the Chicago Auto Show, now approaching a century of existence, is the backdrop for our award, first presented here in 2002," says Publisher Myron Stokes, an award-winning former Newsweek, Newsweek Japan and Newsweek International correspondent. "This is the fourth year for these awards, and it is our expectation that they will garner a level of notoriety for the winners similar to that evident last year."


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Boeing C-17 Globemaster III  Image: Boeing

Aerospace Journalist OF THE YEAR  Awards TO accept entries in four languages

London : 24th February 2006. -- The World Leadership Forum, organizers of the Aerospace Journalist of the Year Awards, has announced that from 2006 entries will be accepted in four different languages: English, French, German and Spanish.

Announcing the change, World Leadership Forum President Malcolm Turner said: “In the past we only accepted entries published in English. Submissions published in other languages needed translations, and that deterred many non-English publications from entering. From 2006 we will accept entries in four major European languages, meaning that many more publications and journalists can now enter.”

The international Aerospace Journalist of the Year Awards, organized in conjunction with the Royal Aeronautical Society, are the world's most important awards for aviation writers and broadcasters.

eMOTION! REPORTS.com Publisher Myron D. Stokes is pleased that the ER team has been invited to participate.  "We join the World Leadership Forum in encouraging aerospace journalists from around the world to submit entries to this prestigious competition.  There is a large body of work analyzing the affairs and inner workings of one of the two largest industries on the planet, and one that has been the primary driver in technological advancement.  From the Montegolfier Brothers to the Return to The Moon initiative, there is a rich history and an exciting future involving the human quest to conquer air and space."

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Media Advisory December 5, 2005
The Japanese Exodus: Japan firms quietly leaving China; GM Facilities at Risk


It has been observed by our global sources that several Japanese firms are quietly removing their high value assets in China both technological and human.   This is occurring  because of Japan's dissatisfaction with the Chinese government's unwillingness to enforce the law and effectively manage Chinese Triad activity.

This all but clandestine operation, now in its final stages and apparently coordinated with Japanese intelligence services, placed a priority on the most valuable facilities, the technological and manufacturability components of those facilities, and has been accomplished with a precision rivaling the disabling of Norway-based German heavy water operations at Rjukan supporting nuclear weapons development in February 1943.  The latter having been accomplished with no loss of life on either side.

This comes on the heels of a public domain report provided by the US State Department in response to a China business climate request by Industry Canada in 2004.  The report can be read in its entirety at http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/epic/internet/inimr-ri.nsf/en/gr124519e.html. But the report, sourced by the Japanese government, paints a grim picture of a steadfastly non-cooperative China state of affairs, and qualifies as a PRA (Political Risk Assessment).  
Images: Italianoit, Scott Gregory Banner; General Motors Corp.

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2006 Pontiac Solstice                   Photo: GM


A comprehensive analysis written by our global team of experts (see analyses “Renault/Ford?” 5.9.05 and “Super-Globalism” 6.9.03) in the academic, media, corporate and government sectors, with a focus on General Motors and Ford Motor Company “business of the business” and product analysis. On the aerospace side, we look at, among others, Boeing’s emergent commercial aviation success story: The 787 Dreamliner along with Bombardier’s new C-Series that may have a profound effect on the company’s bottom-line profitability.   300 pages in length and presented in ADOBE ™.pdf optimized for spiral-bound printing at KINKOS ™ locations globally, The eMOTION! REPORT offers 25 pages of full-page only advertising avails.  Closing date is November 30th with publication scheduled for second week December.   A media/marketing kit is available as a download from this site to agencies of record and other industry marketing personnel  by requesting password via emotionmag@emotionreports.com.

This document constitutes a “must read” for industry executives, analysts and core financial institutions.


Analysis: Boeing Board Selects W. James McNerney, Jr., as Chairman/CEO; Former Acting CEO James A. Bell Remains as CFO (6.30.05)



In a recent analysis concerning the forced departure of former CEO Harry Stonecipher, we noted that "It is virtually incontestable that every Boeing misstep and charge lain against it moves AIRBUS ever closer to its goal of capturing the lucrative, and hotly contested, AF tanker deal. Moreover, It tends to create an atmosphere of mistrust and loss of confidence on the part of military and commercial customers in terms of the company’s ability to perform.


It is not known at this point to whom the nod will be given among the very short list of executives to assume the mantle of CEO. However, it is crucial that the board not bow to pressure to assign the duties of running Boeing to an industry outsider with financial experience, but no knowledge of building airplanes. General Motors learned an awful lesson that car companies must be run by car guys who know the product and its creative process; intimately. Boeing is poised to do well – very well, we believe – with the roll out of the farthest ranging (9,420 nautical miles) aircraft in the world, the 777-200LR Worldliner, along with a hangar-mate already on its way to reshaping how aircraft are produced, the 787 Dreamliner.


The right guidance at the helm, no doubt, will help ensure success."


It appears that the Boeing board has done precisely that in the selection of W. James McNerney as the company's new CEO.  Acting CEO James Bell remains as CFO.


While riding a wave of success following the broad acceptance of the new 787 Dreamliner as the choice of major airlines globally -- the profoundly disappointing, and perhaps instigated, Canadian cancellation of multiple Boeing aircraft notwithstanding -- Boeing's bringing aboard a person like McNerney couldn't have been more perfect.

New vistas in aircraft manufacturing: Boeing's 787 Dreamliner  Image: Boeing

Politely side-stepping strong suggestions from Wall Street that Stonecipher's replacement should be an outsider not necessarily associated with the industry, but possessed of significant financial savvy, the aerospace giant (yes, that still applies) instead chose a candidate who brings holistic, systemic knowledge and experience of the aircraft business and its supplier base.


The 55 year-old McNerney's pedigree includes CEO of 3M and core positions at GE Aircraft Engines, GE Asia-Pacific and GE Capital.  In other words, he not only knows how to build airplanes, but finance them too.


It appears that McNerney is as much of a "plane guy" as GM's Bob Lutz is a "car guy".


Indeed, there is room here to congratulate both companies for their recent sales successes.  And although some may say that the battle for the hearts and minds and pocketbooks of consumers has not been totally won in the face of determined opposition (read, AIRBUS and Toyota) the ancient battle of Thermopylae comes to mind: Small engagement, but one that irrevocably altered the course of civilization...


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Newly appointed Renault President and CEO Carlos Ghosn

With Chairman Louis Schweitzer  Image: Renault


It has been brought to our attention that a Renault/Ford “venture” (with DaimlerChrysler/Fiat-GM similarities sans constructive taking; the acquisition of a firm for reasons other than those officially stated) and a GM/Toyota conjoining could well be rapidly coming together.  In fact, we are advised that a Ford/Renault interaction is all but “a fait accompli” in light of the US company’s circumstances.


According to sources, newly appointed Renault Boss Carlos Ghosn is leading the charge, melding his ops with the remaining strengths at Ford of Europe.  It’s expected (and hoped) to be much like his Nissan intervention, with Ghosn helming an arrangement that brings together Renault leverage, Nissan product strength and FOE distribution.  Ford of Europe weakness makes such a turn nearly inevitable...




General Motors, however, is a whole different story.  Negotiations are planned between Toyota top executive and GM’s C-level executives, expected to expand existing agreements in place over the past two decades.  Review of analyses developed in 2000 by industry colleagues that sought to define such a relationship, painted an unflattering image. 


Billionaire financier and corporate raider Kirk Kerkorian, however, has other plans for the world’s largest automaker.  Should he prevail in his strong overtures to be the company’s single largest shareholder, it’s a foregone conclusion he will push to remove virtually all the executives currently in charge, anointing an epic figurehead to buy time, select and redirect the next generation of top GM leaders.


Who?  “Kerkorian’s buddy Lee Iacocca could be an ideal white knight… another US car company to save.  But, he is only a few years younger than Kerkorian.  Even if Kerkorian were willing to give Bob Lutz the reigns, after bad blood from the DC merger, Lutz isn’t much younger.” 


Our sources indicate the list of potential heroes with enough skill and public capital to take heat off GM is thin.  “Jack Welch is about the only guy with weight and leverage to do what Iacocca did for Chrysler.”
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Boeing: The Stonecipher Departure

Publisher's note 3.9.05: "Economic war is always waged first" is a maxim of Sun Tzu's eons old military doctrine.  Boeing, it seems, is feeling the full effects of such a war waged against it as still the world's pre-eminent builder of military and commercial aircraft.  And it goes without saying that if you want to shake a company – or a government – to its very core, attack, discredit, neutralize and eliminate the executive leadership.  As a result of the world’s oldest executive indiscretion, Boeing has lost yet another helmsman, Harry Stonecipher, who, as we stated in an earlier analysis “Aerospace Giant in Fight of Its Life” was capable of leading a charge of revitalized design, engineering and marketing talent from within Boeing’s ranks against an EU-supported AIRBUS.  A consortium, mind you, whose mission in life is to unseat the company’s dominance in the aerospace arena.

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Global Powertrain Congress (GPC):    A Convergence of The World's Best and Brightest in Advanced Propulsion Systems, With special emphasis on HEV's, Fuel Cells and Other Alternative Transportation Technologies Inclusive of Quasiturbine; September 28-30, Ford Conference Center, Dearborn, Michigan

Publisher's note: As Dearborn, Michigan, home to industry foundation automaker Ford Motor Company, prepares to host this seventh annual vehicle powertrain specific conference, there is much talk, indeed, high expectations, of potential breakthrough technology, processes and powertrain systems strategies being presented here. Such expectations are concomitant with the angst associated with continued Middle-Eastern instability, Russian provincial upheaval and oil prices -- inextricably linked to these and bolstered by OPEC whim -- headed for $60 a barrel.  For these reasons alone GPC is timely, and born of an industry landscape undergoing massive change.  Dr. Nasim Uddim, one of GPC's founding directors, notes that those in attendance should not underestimate the importance of this conference as it emerges as a clear compliment to the annual events of SAE and SME: "This is a unique international annual conference which is now in its 7th year and is characterized by both its focus and its excellence.  Those desirous of meeting the automotive Powertrain engineers and leaders who are determining the shape of the future, and hearing about the products and technologies that will define it, should know that GPC 2004 is the place to be."

To that end, we're providing a pdf of the conference schedule and registration along with a direct link, www.gpc-icpem.org.  We're also pleased to announce that elements of the white paper "Quantum Parallel: The Saint-Hilaire Quasiturbine as the Basis for a Simultaneous Paradigm Shift in Vehicle Propulsion Technology" will be presented here as well.

We congratulate the GPC team on what is sure to be yet another successful program of high import and impact for industry.   Elsewhere, we present a hi-res image of the Army's prototype TSV, or Theater Support Vessel, a weapons system -- it is indeed that -- at present redefining and expanding the role and capabilities of the Rapid Deployment Force, or any force, within the services.  Developed and built by Bollinger/Incat of Australia, this wave-piercing catamaran design has a 40+ knot cruise speed fully loaded with 400 troops, tanks (up to 16 M1 Abrams) fast combat vehicles, helicopters, small watercraft for SEAL-type operations and provisions for sustained in-theater operations. It has already proved its worth in Iraq.  More data is provided through a National Defense analysis written by our own Dr. Sheila Ronis, who had opportunity to spend time with this remarkable craft. TSV may very well prove to be exactly the type of high-technology, high flexibility and inter-service sea-borne support platform needed to take Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett's "two militaries",  as outlined in "The Pentagon's New Map", from concept to fully functioning reality.  The designers of Civil War Ironclads Monitor and Merrimac would have been proud...

Carpe diem,                                      Myron D.Stokes    (8.29.04)


Quasiturbine GPC 2004 Presentation

Global Powertrain Congress (9/30/04)


Peer Review: Military Transformation Through Analytical Process: The Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society -- An Interdisciplinary Approach 

Publisher's Note: A gathering this past October of  academics, active and retired military officers, research scientists and policy makers from several of the country's leading universities, institutions, think tanks and corporations inclusive of West Point, The Naval War College, National Defense University, Boeing, RAND, Brookings and The Hague at Chicago's Palmer House, yielded an astounding array of significant research papers and policy postulations. 

Among the more notable were "Israeli-Palestinian Non-Mediated Peacekeeping --A Challenge to Hegemonic Masculinities" by Deborah Heifetz-Yahav of Tel Aviv University, and "How Peacekeeping Prepared the Army for War" by Laura Miller of RAND. A peer review of the proceedings in PDF form has been prepared for your ready reference and consideration.

Elsewhere, we look at reviews of Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett's "The Pentagon's New Map", as well as providing a PDF file of the permanently archived work "Crisis On Asimov: A Vision of 2085", just in time for the opening of the Science Fiction Museum, which celebrates the genre past, present and future, in Seattle later this month.  In the near future, we will present "Prelude To Stealth: Jack Northrop's P-61 Black Widow"; a close look at this purpose-built night fighter that shattered conventional thinking and theory as it related to airborne interception and aerodynamic control surfaces.  As we prepare for this extensive analysis, we would appreciate hearing from former pilots and crew, and anyone involved in the design and building of this superlative craft. Reach us through: emotionmag@emotionreports.com

To the promise of galactic adventure,

Myron D. Stokes

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Reviewing The Reviews:  

08_G.jpg (181957 bytes)Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett's powerful strategic analysis of next war, "The Pentagon's New Map", has been discussed extensively by other mediums, inclusive of the Wall Street Journal (5/11/04) following our own March 24, 2004 review.  Businessweek's Stan Crock (5/17/04) saw fit to review in parallel Barnett's "Map" (Putnam) and Bob Woodward's microscopic look into the White House' Iraqi War decision making process "Plan of Attack" (Simon & Schuster).  His analysis "The Road to -- And From -- Iraq, considers the entry and exit strategies for this still smoldering conflict.  In an interesting twist, Barnett "reviews the reviewers", including eMOTION! REPORTS' Sheila Ronis, on his website (www.thomaspmbarnett.com).  Dr. Ronis' review, incidentally, is among those listed for "Map" on Amazon.com.

On this 60th anniversary of "D-Day" the June 6, 1944 Operation Overlord invasion of Europe landings at Normandy, and considering the current state of affairs both economically and militarily, neither Barnett's nor Woodward's treatises will be gathering dust anytime soon...

Encore: Crisis On Asimov - A Vision of 2085

As a prelude to the forthcoming book "Crisis On Asimov: "Strategic Visioning Processes for Government, Industry and Education" (University Press of America; Jan. 2005, Sheila R. Ronis, Ph.D.) which expands on visioning architecture, we are providing access to this excellent work in PDF form. And, in light of return to the Moon and Mars exploration initiatives now in progress, along with the impending launch on June 18th, 2004 of the spectacular Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle (http://www.sciencefictionexperience.com) we felt it a most auspicious time to do so.  We applaud the vision of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, newly appointed Director Donna Shirley, and the stellar group of advisory board members which includes no less than  "2001: A Space Odyssey" author Arthur C. Clarke, Greg Bear, Ray Bradbury, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Majel Barrett Roddenberry.

Go to Asimov PDF

Book Review: The Core and The Gap: A Review of Thomas Barnett's The Pentagon's New Map: War and Peace in The Twenty-First Century
By Dr. Sheila Ronis

Blog the Pentagon's New MapVisioning for the U.S. Government is a difficult process.  No one entity has the responsibility to define the long term vision of the country.  This has been argued for many years amongst those of us who discuss the role the United States needs to define for itself with the end of the Cold War and a world emerging in the 21st Century that is very different.  But, little progress has ever been made.  Until now.  In a brilliantly lucid manor, Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett, senior strategic researcher and professor at the U.S. Naval War College, has defined what that vision of a “future worth creating” should be in his new book, The Pentagon’s New Map:  War and Peace in the Twenty-First Century.

The Pentagon’s New Map is only pre-orderable for now at the following web-site.  It will be available after April 26, when it will be published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons, New York. Find it on the web at: http://www.thomaspmbarnett.com

eMOTION! REPORTS reviewer Dr. Sheila Ronis leaves no doubt as to where she stands on this book: "This work should be translated into every major language around the world, though the wit and wisdom may be difficult to translate.  It is a must read, not only for policy analysts in the beltway and every American, but for every citizen of the world who cares about the future."


Go to PDF The Core and The Gap



Special Report: Is NASCAR Killing the Golden Goose?

Rolling in money after signing a $2.4 billion TV deal three years ago, NASCAR has decided the best way to boost TV ratings is to change a popular points system that had been in effect for 29 years. The new plan was supposed to keep the title undecided until the end of the last race, keep more drivers in contention for the crown and encourage everyone to race for the win every time out.  Unfortunately, as Associate Publisher and Motorsports Editor John Chuhran reports, the 2004 Nextel Cup “Chase for the Championship” will likely eliminate more than 75 percent of the drivers with 10 races to go and cause fans of those competitors to turn off their TVs over the final two-and-a-half months of the season.  Participants think the new plan could ruin the sport; a sidebar analysis offers a reasonable proposal to save NASCAR from financial disaster.

Main Analysis: Is NASCAR Killing the Golden Goose


Sidebar: A Simple Solution to NASCAR’s Disastrous 2004 Points Plan

Industry Analysis:  Lessons From Toyota:  A Global Grand Strategy For Boeing

Incredible changes in the industrial and geo-political landscape have made it necessary to delay our 7E7 Dreamliner analysis "Boeing Chooses Mediocrity Over Greatness", and present a paper by national security strategist Dr. Sheila Ronis.  "Lessons" looks well beyond product issues and instead concentrates on required modification of corporate policy and culture to face the challenge of globalization.  "It is critical," notes Ronis, "that Boeing recognizes immediately the implications of the death of the 'Buy American' amendment in the Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 2004, and reshapes itself as a truly global company."  And whom might they benchmark in this quest, AIRBUS? "No,Toyota".

eMOTION! REPORTS.com Truck of The Decade: Ford F-150; Performance Car of 2005: Ford GT

Truck of The Decade? In selecting the world's top selling truck and vehicle for this honor, our awards committee had some explaining to do -- and explain they did, right along with their reasons for designating the GT supercar as Performance Car of 2005.  More importantly, Wall Street may be compelled to re-think its market valuation of this industry foundation automaker...

Go to PDF Release/Analysis


Special Report: How Ferrari and Bridgestone Stole The 2003 Formula One World Championships

Is it possible that Ferrari and Bridgestone resorted to the type of backroom political machinations of which the DeBorgias, the Machiavellis and Cardinal Richelieu would have been proud, to win the 2003 Formula One World Championships?  eMOTION! REPORTS.com's Associate Publisher and Motorsports Editor John Chuhran presents an analysis of the apparent corporate and sanctioning body powerplays and intrigues that allowed expansive interpretation of FIA (Federacion Internationale d' Le Automobile) regulations -- and not prowess on the race track -- to take the season's checkered flag. 


Quantum Parallel: The Saint-Hilaire "Quasiturbine" As The Basis For A Simultaneous Paradigm Shift in Vehicle Propulsion Systems

Amidst myriad, and many times unsupportable, claims of technological breakthroughs -- fuel cells being at the top of this contention -- capable of inducing vehicular design and engineering paradigm shifts, we have concluded that the Saint-Hilaire "Quasiturbine" may very well provide impetus to retire the piston engine.  It has served humanity for nearly two centuries, and has earned its rest.  eMOTION! REPORTS.com is providing a comprehensive white paper that will perhaps allow you to reach the same conclusion.

We should point out however, that although the estimated 600 billion dollar hydrogen infrastructural costs outlined in the Argonne studies at right may seem stratospheric, they are in line with traditional and accepted costs -- adjusted for inflation.  In fact, over a 30 year period, along with implementing certain cost containment strategies outlined in these documents, the costs may become quite manageable...

En français pour nos lecteurs du Canada et d'Europe

Un parallèle Quantique: La "Quasiturbine" des Saint-Hilaire
À la Base d'un Changement Simultané de Paradigme en Système de Propulsion des Véhicules

Parmi une myriade de prétentions d'avancées technologiques souvent non-fondées - les piles à combustibles en tête des débats - capables de provoquer un changement de paradigme en design et ingénierie des véhicules, nous avons conclu que la "Quasiturbine" des Saint-Hilaire a les qualités requises pour forcer la mise à la retraite du moteur à pistons. Ce dernier a servi l'humanité pendant près de 2 siècles et a maintenant mérité son repos. eMOTION! REPORTS.com a préparé un aperçu global dans un Livre Blanc qui vous permettra peut-être d'en arriver à la même conclusion...

Go To PDF (English)
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Press Release (English/Francais)


The Boeing Archives

Aerospace Giant in Fight for its Life  (5.20.02)
Boeings Sonic CruiserThe world's largest manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft is reeling from recent revelations about its accounting practices, such as those noted in an extensive BUSINESS WEEK investigative analysis.  The bad news for Boeing is coming so fast and furious in this form and of lost business in the billions to arch-rival AIRBUS, that we are wondering aloud if the company has been deliberately targeted as an extension of an intensifying shoot-out with its EU supported competitor.

Rudman Report on Boeing Ethics (Released 12.18.03)
As one of the architects of the superbly crafted, and now in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks, eerily prophetic, Hart-Rudman Report on National Security, former Senator Warren B. Rudman was tapped by Boeing's board to head this independent investigation.   Developed in collaboration with the Washington, D.C. law firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton and Garrison, LLP, the report analyzes the company's internal processes for handling competitive, and most importantly, proprietary data.

Boeing was accused of improperly obtaining and using satellite contract bid information from rival Lockheed-Martin to gain the upper hand.  As expected, the report praises the company for strenuous efforts to, in the words of CEO Harry Stonecipher, "Win the confidence of the customer back" -- in this case the U.S. Air Force.  Make no mistake, however, this report is no whitewash.  And besides, Boeing has bigger problems than suspect 767 tanker lease deals (a smart move regardless of how its structuring was handled) lost contracts and sanctioning by the DoD; there's the small problem of an animated, aggressive, EU-supported and relentless AIRBUS Industrie, and an agitated, relentless and outraged State Department.  The latter having not forgotten the inadvertent provision of ICBM booster technology to the Chinese, who promptly used that knowledge to accelerate their manned space program by a couple of decades.  But that's another story.

No matter the outcome of any of the above difficulties, Boeing must, and will, survive.

In the meantime, we're providing the full text of the Rudman internal ethics analysis as a pdf download.

Aerospace Analysis In Queue; January 2004 7E7 Dreamliner: Boeing Chooses Mediocrity Over Greatness

Newly appointed Boeing CEO Harry Stonecipher

and Commercial Airplanes President Alan Mulally

announce “available to order” status of 7E7

Dreamliner.   Boeing image


In early 2001, we took a long look at where Boeing was indeed going in light of announcements at that time of the company's intent to relocate its corporate HQ (Chicago was ultimately chosen).  We examined Chairman Phil Condit's possible motivations behind this all but shocking move.  We think these observations have particular relevance nearly three years hence.
Condit Addresses Detroit Economic Club (11/01)
Phil Condit -- The Boeing CompanyFew industries have felt the impact of the September suicide attacks on the United States as acutely as the aerospace sector. With the public far from convinced of the safety of airline travel and the major carriers devastated by plunging revenues, aerospace giant Boeing is feeling very much in the center of the action. 

Analysis: Commercial C-17 Could Help Military Mobility (10.05.03)

This analysis by Dr. Sheila Ronis, appearing in the October issue of National Defense Magazine, looks at the capabilities of what can be considered the most versatile airlifter in the world, Boeing's C-17 Globemaster III. We are in concurrence with this assessment, as we've named this superlative transport as "Airlifter of The Decade."

Dr. Ronis also discusses the viability of the CAMAA (Commercial Application of Military Airlift Aircraft) program.

Can Boeing Build The Sonic Cruiser?

The question is not if, but when.  There are rumblings that Boeing will kill the program, and if true, it means that they have given in to the naysayers -- uninformed bunch they are.  And to yet again prove the point, we are making available for download an extraordinary PDF from the archives of the world's largest manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft.
This 100 page document traces the technical history of Boeing's SST program from 1962-'71.  Basically, we're providing all our learned colleagues need to build their own Mach 2.7 airliner...
Boeing Provides (Super) Sonic Cruiser Technology Process Update
The plane that many critics insisted couldn't be built, the Sonic Cruiser, is evidently progressing quite well.  Why there is any doubt about Boeing's ability to accomplish this evokes, at the least, curiosity on our parts.  At most, it's stupefying.
When all is said and done, we fully expect a Mach 1.2 airplane from a company with a solid nine years of SST development in its intellectual coffers.  Moreover, any aerodynamicist of substance will tell you that SC's design approach is an airframe demonstrably configured for supersonic flight.
eMOTION! REPORTS.com eagerly awaits first flight...
China continues to move aggressively to carve out what it feels is its rightful place in the world economically, politically and militarily.  And no one doubts they will succeed in this endeavor.
As part of our continuing observation of this emerging economic and industrial powerhouse --seemingly at the center of every major western corporation's global strategy -- eMOTION! REPORTS presents an archived multi-topical analysis of doing business in the "Land of Dragons".  Contributing to this effort was former President of Ford China Vaughn Kosharian; Just-Auto.com Publisher David Leggett; Delphi China's Marcus Chao; GM Chief Economist G. Mustafa Mohatarem; geopolitical analysis site STRATFOR.com; the late UAW President Stephen P. Yokich, and former President of Boeing China Ray Bracy.
With the on-going debates and posturing by all concerned parties relative to China's WTO and PNTR status, we felt these analyses are just as relevant now as when first presented in March 2001.
We'd also like to give special thanks to eMOTION! REPORTS webmaster Matthew Siporin for his tireless and professional efforts that allow us to continue the presentation of data dense and accurate analyses in targeted sectors of academia, media, corporate and government.


At long last, we are announcing our choices for eMOTION! REPORTS.com second annual vehicle awards program.  We are gratified that the special award presented last year to Land Rover for their extraordinary Range Rover and 40 years of vehicle design and manufacturing excellence was justified in the aftermath of this product smashing all previous sales records.  For 2003, 2004 and 2005, Cadillac, Lincoln, Ford Division, Toyota, Boeing and Bombardier are honored for superlative product.  

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Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Detroit Symphony Orchestra Celebrates Opening of Max M. Fisher Music Center: DaimlerChrysler and Sirius Radio to Host Inaugural Black-Tie Affair (10/03)

Detroit will soon welcome yet another architectural confirmation that it is indeed experiencing a true renaissance, a revivification, a revitalization of its downtown area.  What is arising from its core is a $60 million masterpiece designated as the Max M. Fisher Music Center, the newly renovated and expanded home to one of the world's best musical treasures, The Detroit Symphony Orchestra.  Ably led by Maestro Neeme Jarvi, the DSO will welcome Michigan native Jonathan Holland, who will be performing a new work, "Motor City Dance Mix", which celebrates the rich musical history of Detroit and its reinvention as a world class city.  It is followed by Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto, and performed by soloist Itzhak Perlman. 

Clearly, an extraordinary affair to celebrate an extraordinary new home for the arts...

DaimlerChrysler Archives

Chrysler: Crafting A Reprieve; Der Sturm (A Perfect Storm); Deutsche Bank and Kuwaiti Investment Fund May Be Pressuring Juergen Schrempp to Sell-off Chrysler Group

Publisher's Note 8.25.03:  The continuing financial difficulties of DaimlerChrysler AG's problem child, the Chrysler Group, has subjected it to renewed scrutiny from several sectors. along with continuing litigation launched by the powerful and influential financier/acquisitions specialist Kirk Kerkorian.

It is a foregone conclusion that the machinations leading to the acquisition of American industrial icon Chrysler, was nothing close to the "marriage of equals" claimed by its crafters.  The on-going discussions and activities centering on Chrysler Group served as an impetus to not only provide two analyses from our 2001 archives, "Der Sturm" and "Chrysler: Crafting a Reprieve" but to present an intriguing work produced in the same timeframe by German researcher Holm Detlev-Kohler "The TNC as a Transnational Political Complex:  Research Questions Stemming From the DaimlerChrysler and BMW-Land Rover Deals."  A member of the research group on the globalisation of the German car industry at the Institute of Sociology of The University of Erhlangen-Nuremberg, Kohler also belongs to the European Research Network on the Europeanisation of Industrial Relations.

Kohler's analyses and conclusions are keen, insightful, well-researched and sometimes flirt with the controversial.  His work, along with the other two analyses, also seem to support information alluding to requests -- perhaps demands -- by principal stakeholders Deustche Bank and The Kuwait Investment Authority that Daimler spins off Chrysler Group; quickly.  The impact and implications of such a move on the market, the economy and the industrial base are likely to fall somewhere between bull and bear, boon and bane and sustainment/deterioration.  As such, it demands ever-present observation.

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We have observed with interest several stories and analyses that seem to convey the idea that the Japanese auto industry may be losing ground in the all-important US market.  Nothing, and we mean nothing, is further from the truth.  Far from being cooperative players within the American business idea of a "level playing field", the Japanese car companies, led by Toyota and Honda, continue to make phenomenal gains.

The problem is, US dominance in the automotive and aerospace arenas is essential to the maintaining of its industrial base.  Indeed, no world power will remain a world power long if its manufacturing core is off-shore.

We invite you to consider this data dense and potentially provocative analysis, and welcome your response.

PDF of Super-Globalism   Press Release   Publisher's Note

Thunder on the River:

As Oakland County International Airport celebrates its rightful place in aviation history and the accomplishments of pioneers in the air -- Charles A. Lindbergh among them -- there’s another event across town on the Detroit River celebrating exploits on the water: The Detroit Gold Cup Hydroplane Races.

Oakland County International Airport Takes its Place In Aviation History: 75 Years of Progress -- 1928-2003


"The eMOTION! REPORT" : Comprehensive Vehicle and Aircraft Analyses; Cadillac XLR and Cessna Citation X, World's Fastest Business Jet, featured.

On September 16, we will present as a bi-weekly fee-based download what may qualify as the most comprehensive vehicle and aircraft analyses heretofore available.  An outgrowth of the selection and analytical processes developed by our Vehicle Award Committee that resulted in Car of The Year, SUV of 2002, Car of The Decade and SUV of 2003 honors being presented to Ford Thunderbird, Buick Rendezvous, Oldsmobile Aurora and Range Rover, respectively, "The eMOTION! REPORT" will reward acquirers with new levels of product knowledge and appreciation.
The process has been expanded to include business aircraft.  We consider this appropriate since a long history of technology cross-fertilization exists between the automotive and aerospace industries as an archived presentation by Boeing's Dr. Philip Condit clearly indicates.

We have selected Cadillac's beautifully crafted XLR luxury sports car (http://www.cadillac.com) and Cessna's near supersonic business jet, Citation X, (http://www.cessna.com) as the first objects of study by our group of technologically proficient, industry knowledgeable analysts.
The staff of ER therefore encourages you to reserve your modestly priced (US4.95) copy of The eMOTION! REPORT, and in so doing, you are instantly registered as a potential recipient of a transport included four day, three night stay at the Lookout Lodge Resort (www.lookoutlodge.com) in the beautiful Florida Key of Islamorada.  You'll know on January 6, 2004 if you should pack the lap top in a waterproof casing.  There's an even grander prize later in the year; an all expenses paid trip to the endurance race of races: The 24 Hours of LeMans.

Of course, if this were 2085, we'd be sending you to the Disney-Sagan resort in earth orbit as depicted in  the analysis "
Crisis On Asimov."
Quasi-sabbaticals are a good thing...



The anniversary of one of the most horrendous acts of peace time barbarity is upon us, and like the Kennedy assassination and the Challenger disaster, we tend to remember where we were.  Unfortunately, humanity has not the luxury of simply looking back and reflecting on that day, and grieving for the lost once again -- although inevitable.  Instead, the development of processes that promote sustainability in critical areas of the economic and emergency response infrastructure and the utilization of defensive/offensive capabilities technologies to minimize future attacks becomes linked to such reflection.
eMOTION! REPORTS.com presents three documents outlining strategies that may prove essential to meeting these goals.  We also felt it appropriate to present a stunning concept for a new World Trade Center from the fertile mind of Bahamas based index trader Derek G. Turner. As far as we're concerned, this is WTC2...

Hyperintelligence: Toyota, CIA, NSA, KGB, Mossad and... Sun Tzu
A government study authorized in the late eighties to assess telecommunications traffic in its various modes and methods revealed an astonishing fact: The largest and most efficient gatherer of profound and applicable industrial, economic and political intelligence in the world was not a country.  It was Toyota...   Pentagon Consultant Dr. Sheila Ronis examines the implications of this study revealed, and the impact it is sure to have on at least some competitors who always seemed to be one step or more behind this global monolith.  "Toyota works so well," she says, "because they represent a culture of learners."

Crisis on Asimov: A Vision of 2085

A Planet -- Not AsimovAt the Pentagon, strategists have developed a model that allows them to develop scenarios to plan for future conflicts -- for wars that have yet to be fought on battlefields yet to be determined -- by asking a simple question: What if the unthinkable happened?

It is safe to say that few people are legitimately categorized as pivotal in one's life.  For eMOTION! REPORTS.com Publisher Myron D. Stokes, his Father, Dr. Rufus Stokes, a scientist and inventor, occupies that position effortlessly.  His first real forays into the world of automotive journalism and analysis, however, were owing to the kindness, patience and professionalism of Wayne State University Assistant Professor of Journalism Richard A. Wright. 
At the risk of descending into pun, he says "I thought I could write until I met Wright."


This week:
A MARKET IN CRISIS... GREENSPAN STEP DOWN?...7000 DOW? Distinct Possibilities... Executive escape

First Annual eMOTION! Awards Presented to Ford and Land Rover at Chicago Auto Show

eMOTION! REPORTS.com Publisher Myron D. Stokes presented Ford Division President Jim O'Connor with the site's first annual Car of The Year Award for Thunderbird.  Land Rover North America Vice-President and General Manager Steve McKnight accepted the first award on the planet for Range Rover as SUV of 2003.  Britain's TOP GEAR Magazine followed with an award of their own, also naming Range Rover SUV of The Year. 

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Second Phase of First Annual eMOTION! REPORTS.com Vehicle Awards Program Sees Presentation of SUV of 2002 and Car of The Decade to GM Divisions

Oldsmobile Aurora Brand Manager John Gatt accepted Car of The Decade honors from eMOTION! REPORTS.com Publisher Myron D. Stokes, while Buick Rendezvous Brand Manager Chris Mazglad received SUV of 2002 accolades at a special dinner in Detroit on March 7; thus successfully implementing the site's first awards program.

Stokes: Industry Edge
This week: On ENRON... Rebates ... Greenspan retirement?... The Japanese Economy... Ford Force Reduction and more.

Hyperdrive for a New Millennium
The PAICE HyperdriveUS automakers have an opportunity to fast forward past their foreign rivals in the race to develop a consumer-friendly powertrain.

Engines - Power for the Future
The switch to fuel cells -- the expected successor to conventional internal combustion engines -- is still a long way off. In the meantime, auto makers haven't stopped raising the bar on traditional power plants.

The Third Browser
The battle for the eyeballs of Internet users may be heating up. Downloads of the latest version of Opera, the European rival to Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, are approaching three and a half million since late November, according to CNet's Download.com. The new release includes major upgrades of the Windows and Mac versions of the program.

Vision 2050: An Integrated National
Transportation System

Critics have been saying that coming crisis for the US transportation system for years. It is hard to argue that developing an appropriate national transportation policy should not be a priority for Washington.

The Federal Transportation Advisory Group (FTAG) presents a vision of transportation for the United States in 2050.

Three Questions with Ford Division
President Jim O'Connor

We sat down with Ford Division head Jim O'Connor and asked him three questions about Ford's 2001 re-release of the legendary Bullitt. His responses.


A Process for National Security

The Defense Community must evolve to face the realities of international terrorism and other threats. Dr. Sheila Ronis on National Security.

Towards Greener Diesels
Quantitative X-Ray Measurement of a Diesel Spray Core

And who said Rudolph Diesel's brainchild would be forever untidy from an emissions standpoint? Scientists at Argonne National Labs Advanced Photon Source Facility are well on their way to cleaning up the clanker.

The research is critical to improved combustion efficiency and pollutant reduction through fuel injector nozzle geometry redesign.

Visioning Processes:
A Futurist's Strategic Perspective

A quick walk through of the fundamentals of the visioning process, the technique used by the military and, increasingly, by corporate leaders, to develop scenarios to help plan for the unexpected.

Revolutionary Concepts that Enable
Air Traffic Growth While Cutting Delays

With strict security controls adding to the pressures on an already overburdened domestic air traffic system, it's become clear that the nation's air carriers are on the brink of crisis.

A transition to new technologies may be one solution, enabling more efficient communication between flight crews and controllers.

A Surprise: New Sony Player goes MP3
A new in-dash CD player from Sony lets users rip music from compact disc with a few quick clicks, converting tracks into the MP3 digital audio format, even while they are on the road.

According to Sony, the MEX-HD1 can store about 165 hours worth of music on its 10 gigabyte internal hard drive, enough for most people's collections. Don't expect the players to eat the market up overnight when they go on sale in April however: the MEX-HD1 will retail at around $1,500.

The release of the CD player is a new wrinkle for Sony. In the past, the company has resisted marketing technology that might conceivably hurt sales for it's entertainment divisions. Many products, such as the Minidisc, have included technology that has prevented users from copying music.

UCLA Center For Communications Policy
2001 Internet Report

The tech sector's troubles notwithstanding, the Internet isn't going anywhere, a new study finds. Growth continues to be steady and is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

The Cold Light of Day
It is a refrain we've all heard countless times since that horrible day. "Nobody could ever have predicted something like this ..." "Nobody would ever have dreamed."

Yet, thats not quite accurate. There were plenty of warnings -- and loud ones -- that something as terrible as September 11 lay in store. Warnings of a catastrophic attack against a civilian target in the United States had become almost commonplace in Washington for years. The Hart-Rudman Report on National Security in the 21st Century is a case in point. In retrospect: this is chilling, and at times disturbing reading.

Remember Whose Name Is on the Door
The Fords Declare War

Internal sources are indicating that the Ford/Firestone controversy has taken a more ominous turn in the form of a major senior management reshaping. Ultimately, according to one "off radar" analyst, Jac Nasser himself will be displaced.

The Morphing Project
Many researchers believe that the key to developing the vehicles of the future, cars and aircraft which are smarter, faster and more efficient, may lie in creating new materials that adapt to changing environments and conditions.

This is a goal the Morphing Project at NASA-Langley has been pursuing for several years. A basic overview of the program and examination of its goals.

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From Argonne National Labs: Mintz; et al
Hydrogen Distribution Infra-structure

Hydrogen: On The Horizon or Just a Mirage? (abstract)

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