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Press Release, Asimov
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The output of Department of Defense "visioning" processes, Asimov, presented in its seven-chapter totality, is a 360-degree look at the world of 2085. "Far from being a prediction or projection, it is instead a means by which we can learn about the future," says Stokes. "It was originally created in the aftermath of World War II which saw the first use of nuclear weapons against a target, and used to help Congress and the military 'think the unthinkable'. Further, it permits them to perhaps 'shape' the future they want."

The scenario crafted in Asimov by Pentagon consultant Dr. Sheila Ronis, synopses of which have been presented in Financial Times Automotive and Automotive Industries Magazine, is one that tests three assumptions; 1) That there would always be a GM; 2) Cars would always have wheels; and 3) The laws of physics would never change. "Extraordinary and unexpected things happen to our analyses, speculations and projections when perceived absolutes change," Stokes said.

Dr. Ronis, one of the many crafters of Hart-Rudman, the study that predicted in chilling detail how a September 11 could transpire, agrees.

"Visioning is a learning process to help companies - or countries for that matter - 'think the unthinkable' and to be prepared for whatever future unfolds. Since September 11, the need for everyone to be visioning and preparing is clear. Since Asimov was published as a synopsis, the richness and the process was somewhat lost. Reading it in its entirety enables more learning to occur - and after all, learning is why we 'vision'. The series of techniques that created Asimov test the assumptions made in it, and testing assumptions is an important tool in the corporate or country planning process."

Although representing the end result of the work of hundreds of researchers, scientists, academicians and government specialists, Asimov is presented in a compelling way and is virtually a novella.

Preservation Efforts for Frank Lloyd Wright's Masterpiece, "Fallingwater"

Very few will argue that of all of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright's masterworks, "Fallingwater", an astounding residence perched over a waterfall in western Pennsylvania, most readily comes to mind. "I have been fascinated with Wright's work from the first time I saw Roby House in Chicago as a teen to visiting Taliesin West several years ago," says Stokes. "When I heard of the preservation efforts underway for Fallingwater and the costs associated, the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy was contacted to determine what we and others could do to help." The end result is a partnering that includes among other initiatives a link for ER reader/viewers to their site www.paconserve.org) for full details.

"Western Pennsylvania Conservancy is delighted that e MOTION! REPORTS.com is partnering with us in our restoration of Fallingwater," says WPC Vice-President Lynda Waggoner. "There is no building to better represent the modernism of the machine age than this extraordinary masterpiece by Frank Lloyd Wright. Working together, we can assure that it will be here to inspire future generations."

First Annual Car of The Year, SUV of The Year, Import Car of The Year, Car Of The Decade and SUV of 2003 To be Announced At Chicago Auto Show

In addition to the presentation of "Crisis On Asimov" and partnering with the Conservancy, ER is announcing its first ever vehicle awards program. "We have subjected nominated vehicles to very defined levels of analysis by the selection committee," says Stokes. "Only the winners are announced, and notifications have already gone out to communications executives of the manufacturers. We expect to do formal announcements at the Chicago Auto Show next month."

Food For Thought

Reader/viewers will also be able to download and/or review other feasts for the inquisitive mind: A quick and telling analysis of the ENRON debacle;
The whole of the Hart-Rudman report; the full text of a speech delivered at the Detroit Economic Club by Boeing Chairman Dr. Philip Condit regarding the company's Air Transportation Management System, an exhaustive report on the future of integrated transportation; "Vision 2050" and specific research from the Argonne National Labs for cleaner diesels.


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