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Next Generation Rapid Deployment Force May Get Supersonic Wings
Myron D. Stokes 2.29.01


sonic_cruiser.jpg (1667309 bytes)Pentagon sources are alluding to the military's interest in adapting the largest version of Boeing's new product line, announced today, for supersonic transport of next generation Rapid Deployment Forces.

"The new globalism makes it imperative to project force to global hot spots with unprecedented speed and accuracy", says one observer.

The aircraft's expected military designation is C-20, according to information obtained by eMOTION! REPORTS. The Air Force may already have agreed in principle to contract for an undisclosed number of the aircraft, sources say.

Boeing will most likely expand the performance envelope of the new 20XX -- program confirmation pending -- to Mach 1 plus with negligible reduction in range. A Mach 1 plus transport would give the United States the ability to project force to far flung corners of the world in times of crisis, a key to maintaining the current technological balance of power according to Pentagon advocates.

Considering that Boeing spent years, from 1962 to 1971, developing its own version of the SST (Supersonic Transport) in competition with McDonnell-Douglas and Lockheed, this is well within Boeing's aero-technological capabilities.

Thanks to arch-rival AIRBUS, Boeing has already identified a latent customer base for this aircraft among those air carriers who have options on the new A380 superjumbo. While not possessing the passenger capacity of the AIRBUS jet (555) and at this point having canceled the 747X, Boeing is banking on the fact that prestige carriers like Singapore Airlines who placed 25 firm orders for their competitor's aircraft, will be hard pressed not to acquire the 300 passenger iteration of this new family of aircraft.

Instead of exercising options for additional A380s, they would purchase the higher velocity, more prestigious Boeings and charge a premium for the privilege of getting there 25 percent faster.

Of great interest is that this new roster of high-speed, long range product is expected to include a 100 passenger variant on which an a SSBJ (Supersonic Business Jet) will be based

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  Myron D. Stokes
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