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Publisher's note
Myron D. Stokes

The events of 9/11 have encouraged us at ER to bring you an extraordinary analytical work, "Crisis On Asimov", by Dr. Sheila Ronis, a Pentagon consultant and national security strategist. She is also President of the University Group, Inc., a Birmingham, Michigan, management consulting firm, specializing in strategic management, visioning and technical services. An adjunct professor at the University of Detroit Mercy and Oakland University, she teaches courses such as "Strategic Management and Business Policy" and "Managing the Global Firm," in the MBA programs.

She has authored 112 papers and worked with noted strategist Dr. W. Edwards Deming, including the co-authoring of "Preparing Cadillac for the 21st Century: Systems and Strategic Thinking." Dr. Ronis often teaches at the Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF) at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C. Her B.S. is in Physics and Mathematics, along with an M.A. and Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from The Ohio State University.

As one of the many participants in the crafting of Hart-Rudman, a study that in hindsight was a compelling wake-up call to the U.S. and world about imminent danger from a new brand of sophisticated terrorism in the 21st century, she is rapidly gaining prominence at the highest levels of government.

"Crisis on Asimov" is a stunning look into the world of 2085 and is based on Department of Defense "shaping" processes. Shaping helps a government create the world they want in the future by manipulating world events and national systems, according to Dr. Ronis. It also tests long held assumptions relative to their future viability and application.

She wrote the original "Asimov" as an scenario in which a religious extremist decides to blow up Asimov, an orbiting satellite city, and send it as a projectile into the earth to produce Armageddon - at least in the secular sense. The version presented to you is one that Dr. Ronis developed for the automotive industry based on some of her previous work, but we believe the messages and ideas are just as compelling.

Despite Asimov's bent towards national security issues, especially at time this country finds itself at war, it also delves into lifestyle, cultural, environmental and political aspects. Marketing to the masses for example, is just as daunting a task for IBM executive Dr. Benson Chadwick in the world of 2085 as it is now.

As will be noted in Dr. Ronis' perspective following -its reading strongly recommended -- five chapters of Asimov have already been published, but we present these here along with the never before issued chapters 6 and 7.

We recommend that you print a copy, grab a cup of java, settle into your favorite chair and prepare to be amazed. And one other thing: do wait for the movie … Myron D. Stokes

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