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Crisis on Asimov: Earth
Analysis & Commentary by Dr. Sheila Ronis

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"Chadwick-san," Suzuki said as he greeted Benson. "I never like these weightless shuttle rides, but, I'm glad that you're here. We can visit on the way and I want to ask you some questions."

Benson smiled and slightly bowed his head. He knew Suzuki well…one of the best plant managers in the system.

"Well Benson, do you like the quality of the PTV electronics coming out of the plant these days...best in history, with the clean, smart manufacturing available on the space station?"

Benson looked at Suzuki and said, "The quality levels are fabulous. But, the PTVs still need some of the design characteristics that my customers are asking for."

Suzuki looked at Benson. "I know. We're still working to keep up with the new technology as it comes moment by moment. Our modular molecular construction is great, but it is hard to keep up with technologies that change every nanosecond. But, you know our bio-adaptation electronics are getting very close."

Benson was pleased to hear that the company was working on the right things.

Before long, they felt the forces of reentry, as the weightless environment they were in gradually grew in gee-forces. The Los Angeles Metroplex Launch Port was now in view. In a few moments, they would be on their way by bullet train to the conference area.

The IBM conference was held at the great Los Angeles Metroplex resort of Santa Barbara, California, in one of the original hotels of the last century, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Many new resorts on the planet are underground, but Santa Barbara's is still on the surface of the planet, so it is quite a treat to go there.

Living is mainly underground, too, since the surface of the planet is used for growing vegetation to support clean air and food for the stable population. Earth hi had a self-sustaining ecosystem for thirty years, since the fifties, when the entire consciousness of the planet improved. Transportation is under ground, on the planet's surface and in the air. Mass transit is prevalent everywhere populations live; both individuals and communities "own" an assortment of PTVs, the product that Benson sells to his many customers.


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