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Crisis on Asimov: Galileo
Analysis & Commentary by Dr. Sheila Ronis

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Shortly after the couple had been married, IBM contacted Benson and Yoshiko offering them both management jobs with high possibilities for advancement. The only catch was that the jobs were on the Galileo space station. IBM wanted Benson to take on a large off-world territory as a sales manager. He was well qualified for this work because of his understanding of multiple cultures. Yoshiko was offered a position as an environmental scientist in the same location. Hiring of couples was very commonplace when companies wanted people to move off of the Earth for their work. Opportunities needed to exist for both spouses.

Benson Chadwick was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He was educated at The Ohio State University where he graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Electronics Engineering. He then went to Princeton University for his graduate degree in On- and Off-World Cross Cultural Studies. Like other students who received this degree, Benson prepared for a life as a diplomat. While Benson was at Princeton, he fell in love with Yoshiko Einstein, who had gone to Wellesley as an undergraduate and was working toward her advanced degree in Environmental Science. The beautiful countryside of Princeton, New Jersey was the perfect place for a romance, however, they both knew that the life of a diplomat and a scientist might take them anywhere. Although they were a typical professional couple, they never dreamed of what was to come.

Benson and Yoshiko took the jobs and moved to Galileo, the location of the IBM headquarters. The headquarters were located on the satellite to show the company's progressive side and to eliminate the political barriers created when companies located their headquarters in a country on Earth.

Galileo was a space station "city" with a population of twelve thousand people, about the size of Princeton, New Jersey. It was one of twelve Earth orbiting cities and like many 21st century families, the Chadwicks lived, worked, and played on their satellite space station home. They also had the ability to travel around the inner solar system. People lived on the Earth and its satellite cities; the Moon and Mars, under their biosphere domes; and several other "satellite space stations" that were in various positions throughout the "inner" system and were used for many different purposes.

Each off-world dwelling is unique. The cities of the sky offer people an exciting place to visit or live. Specifically, Galileo is known for its professional zero-gee basketball team, the Gravitons which are the system champions. Galileo is also known for the Galileo Symphony Orchestra, and Galileo boasts the largest off-world music hall in the system. It is also the home to some of the finest in off-world dining options, system wide. Several famous chefs from all over the world have been brought to Galileo for a multiplicity of restaurants such as Indian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, German, French, Martian, Italian, Spanish, Pythagorean, Mexican, and "healthy old-fashioned American," from McDonalds.


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