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Industry Insight: Crisis on Asimov
Analysis & Commentary by Dr. Sheila Ronis

Chapter Three: Galileo

"Has it really been ten years since we were at Princeton?" Benson asked thoughtfully as he looked across the table at his wife, Yoshiko.

"It seems as if it was only yesterday when we met in that Techno-anthropology course," she replied. They looked at each other both remembering fondly their University days together. Here they were, ten years later celebrating their wedding anniversary in their favorite Parisian restaurant, Chez Pierre.

The fabulous restaurant is one of many the couple has enjoyed since moving to the Galileo space station. Galileo is, in effect, a city in orbit around the Earth. Tonight, the weather is very clear as they are passing over Australia. Through the large window beside them, they have a stunning view of the twinkling lights of the larger cities.

Yoshiko smiled, "remember how hard it was in the beginning?"

Benson nodded in agreement. "We were so young and it was such a big decision to take jobs that weren't on Earth."

"IBM offered us these jobs on Galileo when we had only been married a few months." Yoshiko sighed.

"We're lucky, though. We've had opportunities that we couldn't have had on Earth. Of course, the move and saying good-bye was hard, but we have a new life and children of our own now," Benson said, smiling.

It had been hard for both of them. They missed Earth, missed their homes and families, and it was sometimes too difficult to visit. At first, life off the planet seemed like it could be very difficult. Soon, though, they had discovered that it was not very different from living in most small cities on Earth. The biggest difference was that IBM invested a great deal in the recreational amusements and restaurant facilities on the satellite station, mostly to make it an attractive place for people to live and work.



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