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Introduction - Crisis on Asimov
By Dr. Sheila Ronis

Tucked away in Denso's secret laboratory, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Kiri Tanaka stared in disbelief out her window at the gentle rolling hills on the island of Kyushu, Japan. She'd just confirmed the Biefield Brown effect is real. From now on, the world will never be the same.

The ramifications were mind-boggling. It marked the end of the internal combustion engine as the only way to cost effectively move people and product. If her analysis was correct, when current goes through a wire, the positive pole is lighter than the negative pole and the positive side is lifted into the air. In short, we can fly through the conductivity of electricity alone.

She ran over the scenario in her mind. She'd been working on Einstein's Unified Field Theory, which looked for the relationships between electricity, magnetism and gravity. She'd just found it.

During a routine agent search in this area of physics, she came across the work of an obscure physicist from the early part of the last century, Thomas Townsend Brown of Denison University. In the 1920s, he discovered that if placed in free suspension with the poles horizontal, a condenser, when charged, exhibited a forward thrust toward the positive pole. The scientific community, pushed by the powerful electrical companies, that wanted no part of cheap energy, wrote it off as a fluke.

Using artificial intelligence simulation, she verified the work in the computer since her models were built with all known theories of physics. She confirmed the computer's calculations by replicating Dr. Brown's work.

Looking at her reflection in the window, she muttered quietly, "Now I know what I'll tell the Denso scientific meeting next month. I also know what the future of my grandchildren will be like."

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