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Crisis on Asimov: Luna
Analysis & Commentary by Dr. Sheila Ronis

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"Now, don't be so prejudiced," Donald replied. "You know I don't approve."

Natalia reminded her future mother-in-law that through holomessages, they could communicate every week and it would be just like being there. True, it took five minutes or so for a message to come from Mars, and another five minutes for an answer, so that wasn't bad. Ishmael's mom was so old fashioned.

Ingrid and Leonard had left Mars to visit the Moon for the wedding. While on the cycling spaceship, they checked in on their Mars "dig" located outside their biosphere dome in a region rich with fossils. The "dig" was manned by several robots that did all the jobs archeologists used to do, like digging, charting, archiving, labeling and recording. The recordings were made by a system of surrounding cameras that viewed the "dig" from all possible angles, allowing the human archeologists to examine the "dig" from anywhere in the system, using virtual reality programs. The system was called the Scientific Accuracy Virtual Reality System or SAVRS.

"Oh! I'm so excited," said Ingrid to Leonard as she entered the hotel.

"Our work is going so well, and, now our daughter's getting married, and will be back home so we can all be together."

Leonard smiled. He knew it was going to cost a fortune having this wedding where so many people could come. But, after all, he only had one child, and he wanted her to be happy.

"Why couldn't they have eloped on Asimov?" he asked himself.

But, Leonard also knew how lucky he was. Mars wasn't around the corner, and he knew how upset Ishmael's parents were that their son had decided to live and work on Mars.

Within a few moments, they were joined by Natalia, Ishmael, the Jacksons, Benson, Ingrid, Anna, Peter, and other guests in the lobby of the hotel. At one sixth gee, those from earth felt light as a feather and, of course, it made them feel great. Everyone felt great, except Ishmael's mom, who was still teary-eyed. Ingrid assured her that the trip to and from Mars was easy to make, and they would always have a place to stay when they came to visit on Mars. Little by little, Barbara calmed down.

Benson was so pleased to visit with his brother, Leonard. They were always best friends. Benson shared his concerns about Asimov with Leonard. He always had such good ideas.

"The Moon was the best place for our wedding, Mom," Natalia said as she gave her mother a big hug and kiss. She turned to her father and said, "Thanks for everything, Dad. You know we're going to have a great time on our honeymoon going back to Mars. I'm so glad you and Mom are going to stick around here for awhile so we can be alone. And, the next cycling space ship will get you to Mars just a few weeks after we get there... we'll have all the time in the world to be together after that."

Leonard looked at his daughter. "You know I want you to be happy. Besides, Mom and I intend to go down to Earth to the big archeological conference being held in Cairo. Then, we're going to spend some more time visiting with Uncle Benson and Aunt Yoshiko on Galileo. The timing couldn't have been better."

Donald Jackson said, "I've ordered the perfect weather for your wedding under the biosphere dome. I spoke to the dome management council and they programmed the system to ensure perfect temperature and humidity. And, of course, no rain to worry about."

The whole wedding party had to be fitted for their wedding clothes. Anna, too, was terribly excited because she was going to be the flower girl. All the ladies, including Anna, were helping with last minute errands for the wedding. There were flowers to get at the hydroponic gardens and Anna's dress needed to be made by taking a scan of her body measurements so the robots could put together a gown to fit her perfectly. Anna normally didn't like having dresses "fitted" as it involved standing still for the scanner, but her enthusiasm for the pretty dress helped her remember not to move.

"And, by the way," said Ingrid to Natalia, "We knew you had something new, something borrowed, and something blue. I promised to bring you something old. Here, on this gold chain, which belonged to your Great Grandmother Kiri, we have mounted, encased in a gold setting, a lavaliere, of an especially beautiful Martian fossil."

By the time they all got to the Chapel, everyone knew this would be a special day. Finally, the time came. Ishmael and Natalia said, "I do," and it was sealed with a kiss.

Benson thought to himself, "thank goodness, some things never change."

Crisis on Asimov : Chapter Five : Lessons from Venus



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