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Industry Insight: Crisis on Asimov
Analysis & Commentary by Dr. Sheila Ronis

Chapter Four: Luna

"Anna, hurry up!" Peter called to his big sister as they were getting ready to leave.

"I'm coming," said Anna. She was having trouble with her bag, "It's a very long trip to the Moon, and I don't want to leave anything important behind."

Peter was excited. He had never gone to the Moon before.

Anna was older than Peter. She knew the story of how when Aunt Ingrid was a teenager, she had gone to Mars to study the fossils of the primitive extinct bacteria that had inhabited the Martian soil several billion years ago. When she was 19, she had come back to Hiriyama University on the Moon to get her degrees. She longed to return to Mars and had saved up money all of her six years on the Moon so she could go back and settle there.

In 2057, Aunt Ingrid returned to Mars, this time to make it her home. There, she met and later married, Leonard Chadwick, an archeologist, like herself, with an almost equal obsession with Mars. Their daughter, Natalia, was born on Mars in 2062 and was getting married in a week to Ishmael Jackson. He was a comparative geologist on Newton, a satellite that orbits Earth. He met Natalia on a trip to Earth, on his way back from a research trip to Deimos, Mars's smaller moon. The several month trip made for an interesting romance on the cycling spaceship that transports people from near Earth to Mars and its satellites. The two met at the ship's gym, where each was ordered to exercise at least an hour a day to avoid bone loss and to maintain the strength of their muscles in the low-gee environment.

Natalia was also a Hiriyama graduate. She was a robotics engineer on Mars. Ishmael was offered a great job as a mining geologist on Mars, but he and Natalia decided to hold their wedding on the Moon because Martians have difficulty spending time under earth gravity. Also, they had a lot of family and friends on and near Earth who could not visit them on Mars, not even for a wedding. After the wedding, they would begin the long trip back to Mars on the cycling space ship. Natalia and Ishmael would live on Mars where they would both work. Ishmael would study the differences between Martian and Earth geology.

Benson Chadwick called to his kids, "Its time to get into the PTV or we'll be late."

The kids shuffled past their dad and took their seats around the table of the PTV. Yoshiko followed behind them with one more bag, which she stowed under the seats with the others. Everyone took their seats and fastened their safety belts. The door slid shut and the PTV began to move.


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